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A haven for natural healing

A haven for natural healing

A haven for natural healingA haven for natural healing

Acupuncture for Detox

Be a quitter!

This treatment plan is a four week commitment of up to 3-4 visits per week (based on practitioner’s availability.) It is meant as an adjunctive therapy to assist individuals recovering from addiction. For best results, client should refrain from addictive substances and behaviors at all times. Results are not guaranteed.

Week 1

$120 due at first appointment

Initial visit: full intake and 45 minute community-style* auricular treatment

Includes 2-3 additional drop-in return visits (treatment only) same week at no charge. Available days and time frames will be provided at first visit each week, subject to change without notice.

Weeks 2-4

$80 due at first visit of each week, community-style auricular treatment

Includes 2-3 additional drop-in return visits same week at no charge.

  • Final visit by appointment: Full intake and treatment 

Follow-up visit (by appointment approximately 30 days after Week 4 final visit)

No charge: Full intake and community-style auricular treatment

Optional private full-body treatment $40 (This is a 50% discount!)

*Community-style: Client will not be isolated in a private room but instead remain on location (indoor or outdoor waiting area) for 45 minutes until needles are removed by practitioner. 

This is a greatly discounted treatment plan (Out-of-pocket value: $1,000-$1320) which voids if client fails to attend one week during 4 week commitment period. If one week is missed and client elects to return, plan starts over with First Visit. Practitioner reserves the right to discontinue treatment for any reason and contract will void. The plan is non-refundable and non-transferable. No exceptions. 


Discounted rates for optional return visits after completion of 4 Week Plan to help support your success. Offers expire twelve months from Week 4 final visit.

  • $25 drop-in community-style auricular treatment, subject to availability 
  • 25% discount for private appointments (valid only on $80 Return Visit rate, not valid on Acu-packages of 5 or 10)

To begin your road to recovery, please schedule by clicking the green button below and type DETOX in the comment box, It's best to start on a Monday in order to maximize the visits available to you.