Kaiser Pain Management

The Kaiser Pain Management Clinic at Santee Acupuncture takes place every Wednesday. This community-style acupuncture is available from 9:30 am-11:30 am and 4:30 pm-6:30 pm. Please call ahead to verify eligibility.

 A brief intake/ exam will take place in a private room. Acupuncture will follow in a larger room shared with up to three other people quietly receiving acupuncture at the same time. 

General discomfort or pain anywhere in the body can be effectively addressed using “distal” points (auricular, scalp, below elbows and knees) so there is no need to undress; just remove your shoes and socks, roll up your pants and sleeves, and recline face-up on a zero-gravity lounge chair.  Enjoy soothing music, dim lighting, and aromatherapy; and a heating pad and an eye pillow will be available for your comfort.

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If you would like to upgrade to a private session, a fee of $40 in addition to your copayment will be collected at the time of service. Private sessions are not available during Kaiser Pain Management Clinic hours.

Some privacy, please