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What to expect

Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years. Very thin needles are gently inserted through the skin at carefully selected points along the body in order to treat individuals presenting with various physical, mental, and emotional conditions; to alleviate pain; and to maintain wellness.

Your first visit will last about an hour. You will start by filling out intake forms, followed by a conversation with your practitioner about your chief complaint, medical history, and lifestyle. Current prescriptions, lab work, and imaging may be reviewed. An examination of your tongue and wrist pulses will be performed, along with affected areas of the body, in order to determine a TCM diagnosis. Needles are then inserted and you are left to relax in a comfortable setting for 20-45 minutes, with you practitioner available by call button.

Private sessions allow you to disrobe as necessary. You will be properly draped as you lie on a treatment table where you may be treated face up, face down, on your side, or a combination. Additional therapies may be added at no cost if deemed necessary by your practitioner. These sessions usually conclude with a brief massage of the affected area.

Every body responds differently. Some people feel immediate effects, while others require several sessions. The relief resulting from acupuncture can last anywhere  from a few hours to several days or longer, and increases with frequency, so an initial treatment plan of six sessions is recommended. Ideally, it is best to receive acupuncture twice per week for the first two weeks, and then weekly for the next two weeks.  A re-evaluation may then be performed to determine the course of treatment thereafter. However, schedules and finances are considered, and treatment plans are adjusted accordingly. 

Regular appointments are recommended to maintain wellness. Pre-paid package options are available for purchase.